zaterdag 13 september 2008

Pets, Looks, Death Knight Jesus, Tabard and the Flying Quest Hubs

We are summeners of death, that's nothing new.
However, Ghostcrawler posted something very interesting.

This has been confusing, so we’re trying to clean up the design a little bit.
Raise Dead — 2 minute duration. 5 minute cooldown. Summons a guardian (no pet bar).
Ravenous Dead — extends duration (passively)Night of the Dead — lowers cooldown (actively)
Master of Ghouls — the summoned ghoul is a pet instead of a guardian. This means he gets a cute name, a pet bar, and there is no duration to the ability. If your ghoul is killed, you will have to wait for the cooldown before bringing him back.

So yes, in fact we can have a pet for 100% of the time now. Now your not alone anymore, Hunters and Locks!

In other news, this might be (a bit) old, but we Death Knights are getting some special class specific looks.
Each race gets the choise of 3 new "colours". Which make them look more death.
For screenshots, you can see:
Also, we are having blue glowing eyes, and a special "echo/deep" voice. Which sounds quite awesome.

As most of you know a few weeks ago we Death Knights got a new skill:
"Path of Frost"
This ability allows you to walk (and run with your mount!) on water. (Death Knight Jesus, anyone?).
Not really a big issue, but the ability has been nerfed (or should I say fixed) a bit: It's now a 10 minute buff (no time limit before) and breaks once in combat. So, we're still Death Knight Jesus but only for 10 minutes.

Also, WotLKWiki posted some nice screenshots of the new tabards, including the Knights of the Ebon Blade aka the Death Knight tabard. Here's a nice screenshot:

Last but not least, some beta guildie of mine, who also started a blog, posted some very interesting pictures of the special quest hubs in Icecrown: Flying Warships!
For screenshots, and or his blog see this link:
Icy Touch: A blog from a beta Death Knight

Well hello there, welcome in Icy Touch: A blog from a beta Death Knight.
Why this name? Well, it has nothing to do with the frost talents. It was just a nice named Death Knight ability. Anyways, I hope to make some posts, in the next upcomming beta weeks. My Death Knight might not be so high yet, but I am in the beta for some time now. Before (most) opt-ins atleast.

So, what can you expect? I'll try to post some screenshots, and text, how I feel about the beta and Death Knight right now. I won't update it everyday, but I'll try to do as much as possible if I am in a mood. Also, sorry for any typo's you might find in any of my posts.